The Estonian law firm Narlex provides all types of litigation and consulting services for business matters. Narlex has offices in the capital city Tallinn and in Narva, industrial area on the border with Russia.

The lawyers at Narlex have been providing professional legal services for more than 25 years. Our lawyers advise clients in many areas such as registration of business in Estonia, real estate, contracts, shareholder relations, relations with local municipalities and other public authorities. We have particularly strong experience in different types of litigation, specializing on civil and commercial litigation.

All attorneys at Narlex are members of the  Estonian Bar Association.

Narlex is the only law firm in Estonia with the main office in the industrial town Narva, on the border with Russia. We are convinced that Narva region has all preconditions to became important logistics and production center in the near future. Many investors, who have their businesses in Narva, are very satisfied with business environment. We will soon start pblishing on our website articles, opinions, weblinks and other information about business and life in Narva. Collection will be in Estonian, English and Russian languages, but without translations. Everybody, who may have some business interest in Narva, will find some useful information to make decisions.

Narlex is member of worldwide organization 

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