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In this section of our website, we collect various public information about general political situation and business opportunities of Narva town in Estonia. Last update: 10.12.2016

General information and Political situation

Narva. (in English).
History and more From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Why Narva is probably not next on Russia’s list
Story by Luke Coffey on aljazeera.com.

Why Narva is not next
Article by Andres Kasekamp from Estonian Foreign Policy Institute.

Russians Of Narva Not Seeking ‘Liberation’ By Moscow
Story by Tom Balmforth on Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty.

Estonia’s third largest city – four reasons to visit Narva. 
Story by Inga Kulmoja on estonianworld.com

Narva City Guide by visitestonia.com.

Work in Estonia Your guide to living and working in Estonia. In English.


Manufacturing Company FORTACO Has a Vision for Narva
Article by Lars Hellberg published on the website of Estonian Investment Agency.

President Ilves: the arrival of new companies in Narva indicates the good opportunities offered by this border town of the European Union  By Office of the President

Local business news

India ettevõte rajab Narva vaibalao. A company from India will build a warehouse for carpets to be sold to Russia. December 2016.

Arendaja tahab Narva-Jõesuusse rajada 60 miljoniga uue linnajao. A real estate developer plans a whole new area in the famous seaside town nearby Narva. December 2016.

Serveripargid Ida-Virumaale. State of Estonia will support creation of server farms in the region.

Whale of a warehouse in Narva to boost e-trade in Estonia
Story by Andres Reimer on news.postimees.ee

Narvas arutletakse lennuvälja arendamise idee üle (in Estonian).
Story by ERR (Estonian news agency) about the airport in Narva in the future.

Lennujaam Narva lähedal võib rahvusvaheliseks muutuda.
Marge Tubalkain on

Narva is the best place for studying Russian
Story by Kristjan Klauks from Narva College.

Russian company opens a factory in Narva Story by news.err.ee

Business support

Ida-Virumaal saab nüüd taotleda töökoha loomise toetust. From 09.05.2016 those businesses, who hire at least 20 unemployed person, are compensated in the amount of 50% of paid salaries.

Будут мотивировать пособием и налоговыми льготами. Article in Viru Prospect about support provided by Töötukassa.
Меры финансовой поддержки (для начинающего бизнеса)
Презентация Станислава Пирка на Prezi.com

Поддержка бизнеса городом Нарва (in Russian). Ettevõtluse toetamine Narva linna poolt (in Estonian). Support for companies creating new jobs by local municipality (in English).

Industrial development areas

Narva Business Park (in Estonian, English and Russian)

Nakro Industrial Park (in Estonian, English and Russian)

Narva Logistics and Industrial Park (in Estonian, English and Russian)

Port of Sillamäe (in English. A port located 30 km from Narva)

Sillamäe-Kotka laevaliini taastamine sõltub kokkuleppest VenemaagaStory by err.ee about developments of the project to open direct shipping line between Sillamäe and Kotka in Finland.

Local information sources and other links

Narva City news (In Russian)

Viru Prospekt (in Russian)

Invest in Narva (website in English)

FAMA shopping center (in Estonian and Russian)

ASTRI shopping center (in Estonian, English and Russian)

Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund services (in Estonian, English and Russian)